Golf Tips

Tip #1
When playing out of a fairway bunker, one must remember that if they want to
make solid contact out of the sand, they must hit the ball first instead of
the sand unlike in a greenside bunker.  One can do this by placing the ball back
in their stance, choking down on the club, and forward pressing the hands
just a touch.  Also clubbing up one club may be necessary.

Tip #2
When faced with a difficult lie in the rough, remember to try to hit the ball first instead of the grass behind it. The grass will open or close the face at impact. You can do this by coming down at a steeper angle at the ball. To do this, try picking the club up right away instead of dragging it backwards.

Tip #3
During the summer months, the ground usually firms up and a player is faced with more difficult shots around the green.  A player should use the ground to their advantage as it firms and speeds up.  The bump and run shot is very popular for this time of year.  One can do this by using a 7 or 8 iron and choking down on the club.  Use a putting motion and focus on the back of the ball while striking it.  The ball will try to check up but roll a great distance.  Use this shot to your advantageon firm greens instead of trying to pitch the ball all the way to the hole.

New Tip #4
When facing a difficult and very fast downhill putt, try putting the ball off of the toe of the putter.  By doing this, it won't be struck as solid, while still using a long fluid stroke as if it were a flat putt.  This technique will prove to be more accurate for those difficult fast sliding putts.


Chapter One
The Mental Side
"Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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