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Executives from a handful of the world's most select golf clubs - The Commonwealth, Riviera Country Club, Royal Mougins, Druids Glen and Mission Hills to name but a few - are spearheading a new initiative which could transform the face of the sport at it's most exclusive level.

With the intention of creating a unique environment of luxury and fellowship amongst the members of such revered facilities, a new international association has been established by a number of leading clubs.

Visiting the global headquarters and the epicentre of this single vision, one immediately senses the excitement which it's launch has generated. The flood of telephone calls and documents from clubs and personalities around the world conveys the extent to which the success of this unique project has already exceeded initial expectations.

"The aim of this new club of clubs is to provide it's membership, who are likely to be amongst the world's most widely travelled and influential citizens, with the opportunity to play on many of the very best courses the planet has to offer, and to enjoy a whole range of social benefits which reflect and build on the ambience provided by their home clubs," says Thomas Lawrence, one of the founders of The Finest Golf Clubs of the World.

This is the first time that the clubs themselves have created an association to cater for the needs of golfers at the top end of the market, but Lawrence is quick to point out that the success of the venture will not depend so much on the idea as the way in which it is implemented.

"The underpinning ethos of the concept is to provide our members with service of the highest quality, and access to the elite of many of the world's private clubs - access which otherwise would not be possible", Lawrence says. "This is a concept which has been evolving over many years. People are far more mobile than they were a generation ago and as such their needs and expectations have increased improvements in travel, particularly over the past 20 years, have made the world a much smaller place. Indeed, golf is now truly a global game"

Nevertheless, private golf clubs are as much about people - the social side, entertainment, style and atmosphere - as they are about the physical activity of playing. Nothing in this world is better, surely, after a bracing round, which may or may not have been a playing success, than entering a clubhouse abuzz with the wit and humanity of men and women who have pitted their skills against each other and nature, and come up smiling and thirsting for more. We all, hopefully, recognise this feeling as we fondly recall the memorable days spent at our own clubs, but sometimes we find that business or other travel commitments catapult us to foreign parts where we are deprived of such pleasures.

Golfers, in this respect, are no different to the rest of mankind - we all enjoy friendship and recognition and perhaps this is reflected by the fact that most clubs have some form of international membership. The world is shrinking as each year speeds by and the treadmill of taxi-aeroplane-taxi-meeting-taxi-hotel room is becoming ever more the norm - indeed, people are travelling to such an extent that some 49 percent of all golf rounds are played away from members' own courses. Not surprisingly, therefore, the need for a warm welcome and extended hospitality in exotic locations is more acute than ever.

Relief, though, is now at hand. A revolutionary concept, which looks destined to refine the culture of golf at its most privileged level, has been born. The Finest Golf Clubs of the World represents a new brand of thinking about the game which continues to gather momentum as we approach the next Millennium. It is, in short, a global golf club - one which all golfers everywhere will aspire to join.

"It is an exclusive international club, composed of many of the world's most prestigious private golf clubs, created solely for the distinguished members of those clubs," says Joe Deane, managing director of The Finest Golf Clubs of the world. "It's positioning increases the value of membership and provides members' clubs with tangible assets. As such, the demand to participate has exceeded our initial predictions. More..

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